OTP Leasing celebrates 10 years in business

OTP Leasing has accomplished its vision set in 2006 and is now among the TOP 5 leasing companies in the Croatian market. 
OTP Leasing celebrates 10 years in business
OTP Leasing celebrates 10 years in business​
Information available from the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency for Q2 2016 show that OTP Leasing has fulfilled its vision defined back in 2006: be among the top 5 leasing companies on the Croatian market. In Q2 2016, OTP Leasing recorded a total financed value under lease agreements of EUR 51,258,000, which puts in the fourth position on the market, behind Erste & Steiermarkische S-Leasing, UniCredit Leasing Croatia and Porsche Leasing. On the last day of June, OTP Leasing recorded 1,958 new agreements compared to 1.281 agreements in the same period last year, and a 114-percent increase in the value of new agreements compared to the same period last year. In Q2 2016, the overall leasing market grew 34 percent.

The increase in the number of new agreements is also a result of the fact that in early 2016 OTP Leasing opened two new branch offices, in Varaždin and Slavonski Brod, and the branch offices in Zadar and Split now operate at new locations. Supported by a widespread network of OTP Bank’s and OTP Leasing’s branch offices, the company ensures stability on the market and an increasingly strong dominance among its rivals.

Why OTP Leasing?
OTP Leasing offers its clients a wide range of products and services, including financial and operating leases in HRK and EUR, financial leases with 50 percent down payment and 50 percent residual value for a period of 12 months with a fixed interest rate, financial leases with a special margin taxation procedure, the “Thirds” financial lease, as well as many other promotions and benefits. Also, in mid-September of 2016 OTP Leasing arranged cooperation with Suzuki for financing vehicles through leasing, which was the first strategic partnership for OTP Leasing.

OTP Leasing was established in June of 2006 and its first agreement was entered into in late September. The fundamental values of OTP Leasing’s corporate culture have not changed over the years and clients have recognized our high level of availability and service quality and a wide range of leasing products. Based on its strategy implemented through the vision of becoming a success benchmark in the leasing industry and through the mission of creating and developing financing solutions for its clients’ success, OTP Leasing currently confirms that it has successfully implemented all its key values and attained its strategic objectives during the ten years of being in business. Print
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