All types and models of used and new vehicles of authorized dealers in Croatia

The payment period may be up to 10 years with down payment adjusted to the capabilities and needs of the client. The minimum payment amount is EUR 5,000. The following types of vehicles are financed:
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Buses
  • Registered agricultural and construction machinery (tractors, combine harvesters, excavators...) 


Car fleet management ensures a sustainable operation of the companies car fleet, and therefore it also ensures the company's business continuity. The possible costs that the client may have include the following services: vehicle registration, regular vehicle service, tire change, mandatory insurance, fully comprehensive vehicle insurance (CASCO), extended warranty.
The advantage for the lessee is that for the entire duration of the lease agreement, he/she does not have to worry about vehicle-related costs, because they are already included in the leasing installment, or worry about the payment of, for example, 5 bills, but just one. Furthermore, the lessee can better manage the expenses as they are defined in advance.


This form of financing is used when the lessee finds an adequate lease object abroad and wants to finance it through leasing. In this case, the lessee imports the lease object to Croatia and then sells it to the leasing company with which he/she concurrently enters into a lease agreement for the said lease object. Print
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