Parties involved in leasing activities

  • Lessor
  • Lessee
  • Vendor

Who is the lessor?

The Lessor is any person authorized to perform leasing activities in accordance with the Leasing Act. According to the Leasing Act, leasing activities in the Republic of Croatia  may be performed by leasing companies registered in the Court Register on the basis of a license issued by the Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency for the performance of leasing activities, as well as by banks which by complying with certain requirements and regulations may perform only leasing activities.

Who is the lessee?

A lessee is any person who, based on a lease agreement, obtains the right to utilize the leased asset and is obliged to pay the specified fee. A lessee may be a natural or legal person. A lessee chooses the leased asset from the vendor and contacts the leasing company for the purpose of financing the asset.

Who is the vendor?

The vendor is a legal or natural person that conducts business in accordance with the regulations applicable to companies and/or regulations applicable to business transactions, and enters into agreement with the lessor based on which the lessor acquires ownership of the leased asset, unless the vendor and the lessor are the same entity.  Print
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