About us

OTP Leasing was established in 2006 by Merkantil Bank of Budapest, specializing in leasing activities within OTP Group. In addition, OTP Group operates across Central and Eastern Europe where it is among the most dominant financial groups.

What characterizes conducting business with OTP Leasing is the client care provided through an accommodating and professional attitude. Regardless of whether the client is a corporation, craft undertaking or natural person, OTP Leasing finds the best financing solutions for everyone and adapts to its clients.
OTP Leasing’s vision has changed over time, but the same basic idea remained from the beginning to date. The Success Benchmark in the Leasing Industry! slogan represents OTP Leasing’s striving to become a synonym for leasing.

OTP Leasing’s business excellence is based on an individual approach to lessees, a high level of professionalism and the advisory role of the Sales Team.

Having ten years of experience behind it and a constantly growing market share, OTP Leasing received confirmation that the quality of the service it provides and the range of the products it offers have been recognized by its clients and business partners.
OTP Leasing’s service is characterized by client care based on an individual approach and the advisory role played by both our Sales Teams and our aftersales activities.

OTP Leasing operates a widespread network of branch offices (Dubrovnik, Osijek, Pula, Rijeka, Slavonski Brod, Split, Varaždin, Zadar i Zagreb) and our clients may also arrange a lease through OTP Bank’s network of branches. This ensures a high level of availability to our clients.

OTP Leasing’s key values governing our product planning and development activities and adaptation to the market are: employees with high intellectual capacity, focus on result and solution, IT investments, new product development, reinforcing the corporate and brand images, sound relationships with our clients, vendors and partners, long-term strategic thinking resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage, and ongoing marketing support.
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